Multi-Universe Escape Room

By Enigma Escape


In groups of 3 to 12 participants, right in the center of Toulouse, take part in The Show, the most enigmatic TV show of the moment, brought to you by the creators of Enigma Escape Toulouse.

The Show is a "Multi Universe" escape room! You won't be playing just one theme as in a classic escape room, but you'll move from one universe to another within an hour for an unprecedented experience in the form of a TV show. The surprise will be total.

Two different paths, 60 minutes to succeed in a succession of uniquely themed rooms, each more surprising than the last, in top-level and high-budget designed sets, without keys or padlocks, with unprecedented mechanisms.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, The Show is open to everyone.

The paths

We offer 2 different paths:
the red path and the blue path.

Each path lasts for 60 minutes, with up to 6 participants per path, and features various rooms with different and surprising themes. Moving from one universe to another is a real surprise each time.

The two paths don't offer the same rooms; once you've completed one path, you can come back to play the second one or book both paths consecutively to play for 120 minutes.

Both paths have an identical level of difficulty.


In addition to offering a classic escape room experience where the goal is to complete the mission in less than 60 minutes, The Show allows you to score points using a point system, with a ranking of the best teams. All of this will be explained to you by the show's presenter when you arrive.

1 er

[R] Les Gégés

2 eme

[B] Locked the Movie

3 eme

[R] Les Keez

To access the overall ranking, click here:


From 3 to 12 participants

Up to 6 participants per path

6 versus 6
in DUEL mode

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43 Avenue de la Gloire
Signage: "Enigma Escape"


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an escape room?

An escape room, or life-sized escape room, is a new form of entertainment in which you have to complete a mission, usually to escape from a closed space, as a group and within 60 minutes. There's nothing virtual; everything is real.
This type of entertainment was invented in 2011 and has quickly evolved. The Show offers the most modern experience to date in terms of escape rooms.

Target Audience

The Show is for everyone: families, friends, work colleagues to strengthen team cohesion, students, etc.

Number of Players

Each path is designed for teams of 3, 4, 5, or 6 players.
If you are between 7 and 12 players, you'll need to book 2 paths and play in a duel.
It's possible to play with 2 participants by paying for 3, but the game will become much more difficult.


Duel mode involves two teams competing on two paths simultaneously, accommodating up to 12 participants (6 versus 6).
The two paths are different but perfectly balanced, each with a scoring system for competing. You can choose the duel mode at the time of booking.

We are more than 12, what should we do?

The Show is part of the escape room complex "Enigma Escape" located at 43 Avenue de la Gloire, where the rooms "Amateur Robbers," "The Lost Temple," and "Last Abode" are situated.
You can book for 12 participants at The Show and reserve one, two, or three other Enigma Escape rooms for the same time slot.
The reservation is done online: book two paths at The Show (red and blue), then select the desired Enigma Escape rooms at the same address (Avenue de la Gloire) and add them to the cart, on the same booking platform. This way, you can make a single payment.
Thus, you can come with up to 30 participants (up to 12 participants in "The Show" and up to 18 participants distributed among the three Enigma Escape rooms).

Click here to visit the Enigma Escape website.

Opening Hours and Duration

The game lasts one hour, but with the welcome and introduction, the experience takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.
Please arrive on time; there's no need to arrive early.

What happens if we are late?

Groups follow each other at regular intervals.
Just like in a television show, The Show must start at the scheduled time; the most important thing the production team asks is not to be late.

Minimum Age

Children from 10 years old accompanied by at least two adults per path (maximum of 4 children for 2 required adults), or from 15 years old without accompaniment.
Younger children wouldn't enjoy it, and consequently, neither would you.

Are there physical challenges in the game?

There's no need for physical strength or endurance.
Only a certain manual agility is required.

Is it scary? Will it be in the dark?

The game isn't scary at all. However, some parts may potentially take place in darkness.

Does the game require specific knowledge?

No puzzles in the rooms require general knowledge.
Logic, reflection, and a united team are the best tools for success.

Is the game replayable?

Each path can be played only once. You can come back for a second time to try the other path. Thanks to its 2 different paths, The Show can be played twice.

Can we play for 2 hours?

Yes, and it's unprecedented in France! Just book both paths one after the other in the order of your choice, and you can almost seamlessly transition between the two different paths for a true 120-minute escape room marathon! Each path can accommodate a maximum of 6 participants.
For example, if you are up to 6 participants: book the red path at 2 PM and the blue path at 4 PM, arrive at 2 PM, and you'll start the blue path right after 3 PM with a very brief pause between the two paths (between 5 and 10 minutes).
If you are between 7 and 12 participants, book both paths twice.

What are the themes of the rooms during the two paths?

It's a surprise! There are many different and spectacular themes. So, there's no need to ask us to keep the discovery intact; you won't receive any information about it. But believe us, you won't be disappointed.

How many different rooms are there in a path?

That's also a surprise.

Which is the best path, the easiest or the hardest?

The Red and Blue paths have the same level of difficulty and are equally enjoyable. However, if you're a beginner, we recommend starting with the red path.

What is the connection between The Show and the Enigma Escape brand?

They have the same creators, and you'll find the same game quality as in the 6 rooms of Enigma Escape, and the game masters are (almost) all the same!
The Show is in the basement of the Enigma Escape location at 43 Avenue de la Gloire. However, the reception areas are different.


Unfortunately, The Show is not accessible to people in wheelchairs.
The game is accessible to players with hearing or visual impairments. However, as there are slight object manipulations and both auditory and visual clues in the game, we recommend including at least one team member without a disability in your team.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can play without any problem.

I'm claustrophobic, can I still come and play?

A video surveillance system ensures your safety throughout the game.
You can exit the game at any moment within a few seconds.

Can a reservation be modified or canceled?

Reservations are non-refundable.
If you want to reschedule your session, contact us via email, and if the schedule allows it, we will change your reservation.
No modifications can be made within 5 days before the scheduled date.

Payment Method

Payment is made at the time of booking online, by credit card: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
Maestro and Electron cards are not accepted.
You can also visit us directly for payment by cash.


Thank you for consulting the FAQ before contacting us
PHONE: +33 5 32 32 52 91

General Ranking

1[R] Les Gégés123
2[B] Locked the Movie121
3[R] Les Keez121
4[B] Les Keez120
5[B] Les 10 Plomés119
6[R] Kruglyy Stol119
7[B] Castins118
8[R] Les Meilleurs118
9[R] Cheh Camille117
10[B] A team has no name117
11[B] Les PLS116
12[R] 3600 secondes116
13[B] Les Unstoppable115
14[R]Les Zirres115
15[B] Les Oeufs Fêlés115
16[R] Girls Power114
17[R] Locked the Movie114
18[B] Bondigounais114
19[B] Ti-Punch114
20[B] Team Launac114
21[B]Moomine Pat Rox114
22[B] Les Loups-Phoque114
23[R] Rire et châtiments 114
24[B] Team Swaggers113
25[R] Les Caouecs113
26[R] Les Bordelais113
27[B] Team Sushi113
28[R] Team Caroline113
29[B] Nevers Give Up113
30[B] Les Pailletés113
31[B] ELDO112
32[B] Le 5eme bouton112
33[R] La Barrique112
34[R] JJENLC112
35Les Deleau [B]112
36[B] DAK112
37Les Thugs [R]112
38[B]R OTTER DA112
39[B] Les Moutarde/Ketchup112
40[B] Le Bateau Cool112
41[R] MDB112
42[B] QDS112
43[R] Les Golios112
44[B] TMTC111
45[B] Clem cé toi ki choisi111
46[R] Les trousquils111
47[B] Les renards pelés111
48[B] Sottises & Cie111
49[R]Les Fouines 111
50[B] Kiki Style111